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The Wild Woman Guidebook!

Learn how to stop trying to please everyone, and instead start living from your deepest inner truth…

This is the guidebook I wish we had all studied at school!

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How to connect with the Wild Woman inside of you, in four easy steps

Who is your Wild Woman? Discover this part of you that knows that she deserves to have her needs and desires met, feels whole and worthy of living from the expression of her deep and authentic inner truth.

The most important key to your happiness as a woman

Before I found this key, I felt turned off and never completely satisfied with my life, even after a million personal development workshops, therapy, books, meditations … you name it, I tried it! The best part about this key? We all have it, deep inside of ourselves. And it is closer, and easier, than you can even imagine.

Practical exercises that will open your heart... and your vagina. (Yes, you read that right!)

Inside this guide, I will invite you to open your mind to possibilities beyond what you might have imagined for yourself. Your Wild Woman energy is magnetic and powerful, and waiting for you to pay attention. Connecting to it will keep you in daily conversation with your deepest inner truth and you will naturally shine your light out into the world!

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I am a mother of two, an International Sexuality and Relationship Coach & Facilitator, the developer of The Conscious Couples Formula, and a founder of Life of Passion for turned on women. 

Up until a few years ago, I was struggling and depressed. I didn’t have a job or a place to live, and most of the time I wanted to die. Really.

Ever since I discovered my Wild Woman, the secret to feminine happiness, my inner fire is burning bright and I am turned on, spreading my light everywhere, loving helping thousands of women live out their deepest inner truth, spreading their light out into the world!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You helped me find the shining center inside me. And that’s the most important thing. Thanks to this work I am learning to walk upright in the world. To know my values. It’s a real revolution and I’m proud to be a part of it.

Nuria Lozinsky


Ever since I was exposed to Efrat’s work, people who meet me have been saying, “Wow – you have amazing energy!” I wish every woman could be exposed to these important skills.

Hadassa Ben Tulila

Group facilitator & Mother of 6

Efrat taught me how to talk to the deepest places inside my body. She gave me tools to heal, to learn, to revive dormant places within me, to reconnect with my inner voice.

Noga Amit Miller