Terms and Conditions of Service

Personal Responsibility

When signing up to one of Efrat Wolfson’s courses, trainings or services, you agree to take full responsibility for your wellbeing and transformation process. Efrat Wolfson and her team will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage or harm you may experience due to implementation of these materials. You are responsible to consult with a doctor or health practitioner before practicing any of the suggested practices. You agree and understand that Efrat Wolfson’s teachings are not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment, if needed.

The Contents

When you join Efrat Wolfson’s programs, courses or trainings, all materials provided to you are copyrighted and are for your personal use only. You agree not to copy, reproduce or share any of the contents without explicit permission in writing from Efrat Wolfson. You agree not to share your login details with anyone else, unless specifically agreed in writing with Efrat Wolfson. Breach of these terms may result in termination of your access to the materials.

Refund Policy

 Our courses have a 14-day money back guarantee unless otherwise specified on the sign-up page. You can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing a course / training to receive a full refund. If you have ordered a jade egg and it has already been shipped, there will be no refunds made on egg purchases, due to its intimate usage. You are solely responsible for typing in an accurate shipping address. If the delivery has failed due to an incorrect address or your failure to pick up the order, we will re-send the egg for an additional shipping charge.