Sexual Healing

Watch the video about the 5R process that has helped me and hundreds of my female students release Pleasure Blocks and experience more freedom, passion and ecstatic pleasure

 Yes! I’m SO in!

Unfortunately, most of us don’t experience the full depth of pleasure and turn-on available to us, because of: Pleasure Blocks!

You are an amazing woman with a HUGE heart.

You want to deeply enjoy sex, to relax, to let go, to surrender fully and deeply into pleasure, and to experience wild, mind-blowing sex, with ecstatic orgasms.

You may have heard about conscious sex, sacred or tantric sex, orgasms from all kinds of A B C & G spots,

But you have no idea where to start, and how the hell to do it.

You might be feeling reserved, not totally free, not totally YOURSELF when it comes to sex (and maybe outside the bedroom too!)

But you know there is much more to this thing called “sex” than what you are experiencing right now, and that releasing these blocks will be able to set you free to deep, wild, sexy new experiences!

If you’re like me, you may have tried:

• Psychological or emotional therapy
• Workshops
• Meditations
• Breathwork
• Sitting in a circle with other people and and OMMMMMing with your eyes closed

But when it comes to sex and sexuality – you still feel stuck and blocked. Something inside you still hurts, and feels stuck and not completely free and released!

Maybe you even experience pain, numbness

or chronic yeast infections / UTI’s

So you read another self-help book, listen to Tibetan music, go to another guru, or maybe even to a tantra workshop with a sleazy facilitator who tries to hit on all the female participants… (Ick!)


Something remains BLOCKED,

you don’t experience the EPIC sex you so crave and deserve. 

You remain unsatisfied and turned-OFF


You can’t seem to attract a partner who can really MEET you sexually,

or get your current partner on board to upgrade your sex-life

So you might be sitting there and wonder:

How do all these women enjoy sex and life so much?
How come they experience orgasms
of all different kinds and flavours, and I DON’T?

Maybe you’re thinking:
“Is this even POSSIBLE for me?”
“Maybe it’ll never happen?”
“Maybe I’m expecting too much?” 

And this doubt is niggling at you:


I am here to tell you that you definitely can experience wild, unrestrained, pleasure-full, omg-inducing sex – and you are worthy of experiencing it!!


The 5R Process
for Sexual Healing

In the last decade, I have developed a process that will guide you step-by-step on how to heal and clear your sexual blocks, so that you can begin to experience a more orgasmic, uninhibited sexuality and life

In the last decade, I have developed a process that will guide you step-by-step on how to heal and clear your sexual blocks, so that you can begin to experience a more orgasmic, uninhibited sexuality and life

 Yes! I’m SO in!

"I experienced healing and reconnected to the feminine softness within me"

"I experienced healing and reconnected to the feminine softness within me"

As a sexuality practitioner for the past 15 years, I am always on the lookout for the “next thing” that can take me to the next level in this field . Efrat Wolfson is the woman who personally assisted me as a therapist to make that leap.

Efrat brings acceptance, love and sharing of incredible wisdom. Thank you, Efrat, for connecting me to my femininity and the healing I’ve experienced thanks to you in your sweet way, it is an honor to learn from you 

Limor Bandel, Couple Therapist, partner and mother of 3


Feel more radiant, magnetic, powerful and Turned-ON! 

Experience Sexual Healing and Confidence

Be clear on what your Pleasure Blocks are, and start clearing them effectively.

Experience more pleasure, freedom, wildness and passion – in and outside the bedroom!

Feel excited and empowered to bring in deep profound sexual experiences

Deepen your love & connection to yourself, your body and your inner voice.

Be equipped with effective power-tools to support your sexual healing and transformation over time.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

(at least when it comes to passion – don’t listen to me on car mechanics or astrology)

Hi, I’m Efrat Wolfson!

And I’m just like YOU – a big-hearted, good-intentioned woman, who until 10 years ago, nearly gave up the possibility of ever experiencing healthy sexuality, wild ecstatic sex and a turned-on orgasmic life.

I’m a mother of 2 gorgeous kids, I’ve been through some really tough experiences in my sexuality and relationship journey.

I’ve managed to leave a very long emotionally and verbally abusive relationship, to deeply heal sexual and emotional trauma, to reprogram my patterns of being shut down, having low self esteem, and negative body-image.

I’ve overcome A-L-O-T of shame, guilt, trauma and blocks in my sexuality and I still deepen into this process every day.

I founded Life of Passion in 2015, a global company that serves thousands of individuals and couples worldwide (4000+ Happy Students in our Passion Academy and counting!) 

I’ve chosen to live a turned-on life of passion, pleasure & purpose, despite very difficult external circumstances, and I know you can do it too! 

HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN THIS TRANSFORMATIVE WORKSHOP The 5R Process for Clearing Pleasure Blocks & Deep Sexual Healing:



You will identify the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back in any realm of life, specifically in sexuality and relationships.

You will connect to the vision of what you want to create in your sexuality and relationship, So that you can fast-track your transformation process! These are crucial steps to acheiving any change you want to create in your life.



You will release tension, and stgnant emotions that have built up in your pelvis and genitals, using sounding and breathing practices

You will learn a special technique for expressing and releasing painful emotions, so that you can experience a sense of release, cleansing and purification of the baggage that has built up in your body, and particularly in your yoni, and experience emotional freedom, lightness and deep relaxation.



You will refresh and restore your yoni, brining in new & fresh energy, using fun, sexy breathing practices

You will learn a powerful exercise for re-patterning your subconscious mind and engraving new beliefs through the mind and body, so that you can invite the new & fresh into your relationship and sex life – OR if you’re single – attract the right partner for you!



You will learn tools for reconnecting with your yoni, so that you’ll be able to start hearing your deep inner voice, and develop a deep inner knowing of what you want and what’s good for you.

You will nurture and cultivate the most important relationship for your happiness as a woman – the relationship with your yoni!



You will come home – to yourself.

You will anchor a sense of safety and security in your own body to support your healing and pleasure

You will go through a powerful ceremony of commitment to yourself, so that you’ll be sure to start a fresh page in your sexuality and passion!

"I feel connected to my body after years of suffering"

"I feel connected to my body after years of suffering"

For years I suffered and battled with my body.

Now, after studying with Efrat, I feel totally different. I feel connected to myself, to my body. I feel the moments and days of passion in my life, my passions, and see the beauty and experience inner love that touches and moves me. I am connected to my purpose and creating my dreams.

Sharon Albo, self expression and creativity couch for women

The workshop will take place live on T 30.1 10:00am-13:00pm (AET Sydney time)


**The workshop will be recorded and you will have lifetime access to the recording

 Yes! I’m SO in!



Libido Gaps - from Frustrating Problem to Juicy Opportunity: What to Do When One of Us Always Wants More Sex than the Other??

SO many couples fight about and struggle with this!

In this 1-hour video training you’ll learn how to shift this issue into an opportunity to deepen your intimacy and pleasure – using mindset and communication techniques to empower you both!

Valued at $67


For a limited time,
you can join the Sexual Healing Workshop
including the full 5R Process and the juicy bonus training
for only



Yes, I’m serious!

For the price of less than 1 visit to a psychologist,
you can join & receive unlimited access
to tools that no amount of emotional therapy will ever provide.

Why am I doing this?
Because I want as many women as possible
to receive these practices and tools.
I want to live in a society exploding with
radiant, sexually fulfilled women
who are shining their light bright in the world!
So – Are you in??

"I'm true to myself and my feminine qualities"

"I'm true to myself and my feminine qualities"

Thanks to my studies with Efrat I finally understood how important it is to provide love and softness to my body, and how natural it is to experience pleasure in many ways, and to give that to myself happily

More and more, I remember to be true to myself. I pay attention to my feminine qualities and choose to give them more space and expression in my life

Michelle Serfaty, Psychotherapist, married and mother of 2


Sounds great, Efrat, but:

I’m too old, it’s too late!

It won’t Work for me – I’m just not “Orgasmic”..!

I don’t have time to practice

I’ve tried everything already – why should THIS work?!

I’m not sexy/attractive/wild enough / (insert limiting belief you have about yourself…)

I don’t have money for this, investing in my sexuality is a luxury I can’t afford

Well, My answer to all that is:

Change is always possible!

And if I did it, after a decade of faking orgasms, total disconnection from my sexuality & pleasure, as a single mum with two tiny kids, living under violence in a foreign country, with no friends or family support and no money, while being depressed and literally wanting to die every day –
you can too!!!

I have worked with students aged 19 to 76, in every relationship status, skin colour, sexual orientation and weird taste in music that you can imagine…

 All that is needed from you in order to create change
is to make a DECISION that
your pleasure & passion are ESSENTIAL
and that NOW is your time
to start putting your passion & pleasure higher on the priority list
 for the benefit of yourself and everyone around you!

"I've connected to my inner true and my passion"

"I've connected to my inner true and my passion"

Thanks to practical simple tools, I have learned from you, I feel so much more connected to myself, my passion and desires, my deep inner truth and I feel full of energy to make meaningful changes in my life – Thank you Efrat!

Reut Bar Gil, Chinese Medicine and Qigong practitioner 


Will it work for me even if... (I've never had an orgasm, my libido is rock bottom, I'm too old/young... fill in your limiting belief about yourself here)

In one word: YES!

In a few words – listen, what will make these practices work is not your current situation or how you feel about it.

Your current situation is never an indication of your ability to experience change, but it is your decision to take action towards change – to take real steps in terms of investing time, energy and resources into clearing your pleasure blocks – that will create the change.

How important is your pleasure and passion to you? How important is a healthy and empowering relationship to you? Are you ready to do something about it and not just be a victim of your circumstances?

If your answer is “yes” – then my answer to this question is “yes!!”

How long is the workshop and how does it work?

The live workshop will be about 3 hours

The workshop will be recorded and uploaded to a membership site, and you’ll receive lifetime access to the recording. 

We will send you a username and password to the site, and you can log in and practice the workshop material whenever and as much as you’d like

Do I need any tech-skills to join an online training?

Definitely not.

To watch the content on the membership site, all you have to do is click on a link, enter a username and password – and click on Play on the video. that’s it!!
If you manage to watch a video on YouTube, you will be able to join the workshop laughing

I'm not into online stuff, do you run live workshops?

I do run live workshops in Australia and Israel on occasion and you can stay updated through our mailing list about opportunities to practice in-person with me. However, I find that for these practices the online format, which enables you privacy, flexibility and repeating the practices over and over again with the videos is PRICELESS. It is also a lot more affordable. 

How is this different from any other personal development stuff I've done with little or no results?

The vast majority of the personal development workshops and processes I know are not specifically focused on the most important relationship in your life – your relationship with your Yoni (female genitals).

And those who do focus on it are sometimes spiritually bypassing at best, and ultra-sleazy at worst.

Here you have the opportunity to learn in depth from an experienced facilitator, who has already worked successfully with thousands of students, at a really funny price and with 0% BS and 100% authentic tools that have been proven to work.

Are you still here?!?
There’s no way I’ll let you miss the opportunity to learn with me at such a silly price!

For a limited time,
you can get the “Sexual Healing” Workshop
including the full 5R Process and the juicy bonus training
for only



Fill in your details below
and join me for a significant breakthrough
in clearing your sexual blocks and inhibitions,
and creating freedom, wildness and passion in your life!

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