I Want to Practice With a Jade Egg

What is a Jade Egg?

The jade egg is a powerful and potent tool for transformation, not only for your sexuality but for so much more.. Simply put, it is a Nephrite Jade stone cut into the shape of an egg, with a hole drilled into it (for threading a string).

The jade egg practice is a thousands-year-old Taoist practice that originated in ancient China, where it was originally intended to preserve a woman’s health and especially sexual health, vitality and longevity.

The practice is performed by inserting the egg into your vagina in a very special and gentle way we call “sipping”, and exercising with different poses, movements and meditations.

Yes, it's like yoga for your vagina!

Even 10 minutes of practice a day can make BIG changes, if you know how to practice properly.

Now, you may be thinking:  “You want me to put a WHAT in my WHERE??”

I know this practice may sound strange, but there are many good reasons to overcome the initial WTF and open your mind!

I’ve taught this practice to THOUSANDS of women so I can confidently say:

Practicing with the jade egg and connecting to your sexuality contributes to:

Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles (without boring kegels)

Maintaining Sexual health, preventing yeast infections, UTI's, etc

Clearing old baggages and past sexual traumas and magnetising new and exciting experiences!

Increased sexual desire, wetness and pleasure during sex

Connecting to your intuition and inner truth

A life full of passion, vitality, joy and spreading your unique light in the world!

Note: the egg is NOT a “magic” egg – these changes will occur thanks to YOUR awareness, practice and devotion to yourself and your body!

I have been practicing with the Jade Egg for over 7 years and the practice has completely transformed my life (you can read more about my personal story here).

Today, I am a Certified Facilitator in Dr. Saida Désilets Embodies PsychoSexual Method for teaching Jade Egg and beyond.  

I consider Saida THE guru for all things Jade Egg. She is the first woman to bring the practice massively to the west, and even has a PhD about the Jade Egg!

As you can see in the picture, Saida and I believe that seriousness is a chronic epidemic in our world and we are determined to defeat it!!

Okay, I'm convinced! How can I learn this practice?

You can order a jade egg from me along with an  online workshop where I teach you exactly how to prepare the egg for use and how to practice with it safely and properly (I highly recommend NOT to learn this off Youtube..there’s so much bad info out there). In the workshop you will receive sets of exercises, including an exercise to clear past traumas and lovers from your body, that you’ll be able to practice along with over and over again from the comfort of your own home.