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At our Passion Academy you will find a variety of courses for individuals/couples, catering to different needs and desires

Join our 2600+ happy students and pamper yourself today with a workshop that   can expand your sexuality, sensuality, pleasure and passion

the Jade egg workshop

The jade egg AKA “a woman’s best friend”, is an ancient Taoist practice, which has been adapted for the needs of the modern woman. Proper practice with the egg can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, increase sensation in the vagina and enhance pleasure, clear sexual blocks and trauma, increase vitality, connect to your inner truth and intuition, and most importantly – strengthen the most important relationship in your life – your relationship with your Yoni!

Because “A Happy Yoni = A Happy Woman!


The Conscious Couples Formula

The Conscious Couples Formula is a 10-Week Online Course, that will take your relating skills to the next level so that you can build the loving, connected, turned-on, conscious relationship you desire! Embark on a fun and deep journey either with your partner – to create a shared language around these tools – or on your own, to empower yourself with Ninja-Level-Relating-Skills!


Sensual Erotic Massage for Couples

The Sensual Erotic Massage for Couples is a juicy online course, that will help you spice up and deepen your intimacy  in the privacy of your own home. You will learn the secrets to Feminine and male Sexuality, and learn how to give your partner the most juicy, healing, relaxing and pleasure-full Yoni or Lingam Massage experience.  

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