sexual HeALing workshop – get your vagina purrrring again! 

learn how to clear your sexual blocks and create freedom, wildness and passion in bed – without years of therapy

(and even if you have zero sex drive & never had an orgasm)

unfortunately, Most women are not experiencing their full pleasure and turn-on capacity because they are blocked in their sexuality.

You are an amazing woman with a HUGE heart. 

You want to deeply enjoy sex, 

to relax, to let go, 

to surrender fully and deeply into pleasure…

and to experience wild, mind-blowing sex with ecstatic orgasms. 

You may have heard about conscious sex, sacred or tantric sex, 

orgasms from all kinds of A B C & G spots …

..But you have no idea where to start from, 

and how the hell to do it. 

You might be feeling reserved, not totally free, not totally YOURSELF

when it comes to sex (and maybe outside the bedroom too!) 

But you just know there MUst be more to this thing called “sex” than what you have access to right now, and that clearing these blocks can set you free. 

And if you’re like ME you’ve probably tried: 

Psychological or emotional therapy 


Meditations, retreats

Breath Work

Sitting with your eyes closed in a circle with other people and saying “Ommmm”


But at the end of the day, when it comes to sexuality, you still feel blocked and constricted. Something is stuck, painful and not fully free within you 

So you read another Self-Help book

or maybe even go to a tantra workshop

with a sleazy teacher that hits on all the participants (yuck!) 


Something remains BLOCKED, 

you don’t experience the EPIC sex you so deserve 

and you remain unsatisfied and turned-OFF. 


You can’t seem to attract a partner who can really MEET you sexually, 

or get your current partner on board to upgrade your sex-life. 

And you might sit there and wonder: 


How do all these women enjoy sex and life so much, 

how come they experience orgasms of all different kinds and flavours — 

— and I DON’T??!!??

Maybe you’re thinking: 

“Is this even POSSIBLE for me?”

“Maybe it’ll never happen?”

“Maybe I’m expecting too much?”

And this doubt is niggling at you: 





The TETRA-R process for sexual healing will take you on a fascinating journey into the mysteries of female sexuality, at the end of which you will:

Experience a sense of release, relief and compassion for yourself and others, so you can open your mind and body to transformation.

Feel excited and empowered to bring in the New into your sexuality and life.

Gain Clarity on the blocks that are holding you back in sexuality, pleasure and relationships, so that you can clear them effectively.

Deepen your love & connection to yourself, your body and your inner voice.


Experience meaningful multiple-breakthroughs toward the experience of freedom, wildness and passion - in and outside the bedroom!

Be equipped with effective power-tools to support your sexual healing and transformation over time.

Who am i and why should you listen to me? 

(when it comes to PASSION – do NOT listen to me about fixing cars or astrology!) 

Hi, I’m Efrat Wolfson! 

And I’m just like YOU – a big-hearted, good-intentioned woman, who until 3.5 years ago, nearly gave up the possibility of ever experiencing healthy sexuality, wild ecstatic sex and a turned-on orgasmic life. 

I’m a mother of 2 gorgeous kids, 

I’ve been through some really rough places in my sexuality and relationship journey.

I’ve managed to leave a very long emotionally and verbally abusive relationship, to deeply heal sexual and emotional trauma, to reprogram my patterns of being shut down, having low self esteem, and negative body-image.

Today I’m in an empowering, fun, connected relationship with a gorgeous, loving man and a yummy, orgasmic sex life that just keeps getting better (Seriously)!

I’ve overcome A-L-O-T of shame, guilt, trauma and blocks in my sexuality and I still deepen into this process every day.

I run a global business that serves hundreds of women & couples and thousands of followers every year.

You can find my articles on the Huffington Post plus lots of Israeli websites you probably won’t be able to read 🙂

I’ve chosen to live a life of passion, pleasure & purpose, despite very difficult external circustances,  and I’ve taught hundreds of women how to live a turned-on life, connected to their deep inner truth!

“sexual healing” is a 3-hour recorded online workshop that will be available for you to watch anytime, anywhere and at your own pace 

Here’s What you’ll learn in this transformative workshop:

Stage 1: Reflect

You will learn how to identify the patterns and beliefs that are holding you back in any realm of life – and particualrly in sexuality and relationships.

You will connect to the vision of what you want to create in your sexuality and realtionship, 

So that you can fast-track your transformation process! 

These are crucial steps to acheiving any change you want to create in your life. 

stage 2: Release

You will release tension, and stgnant emotions tht have built up in your vagina, using sounding and breathing exercises. 

You will learn a special technique for expressing and releasing painful emotions, 

So that you can experience a sense of release, cleansing, and purification of the baggage that has built up in your body, and particualrly in your yoni,

and experience emotional freedom, lightness and deep relaxation. 

Stage 3: Refresh

You will refresh and restore your yoni, brining in new & fresh energy, using fun, sexy breathing exercises

You will learn a powerful exercise for repatterning your subconscious mind and engraving new beliefs through the mind and body

So that you can start creating something new & fresh in your relationship and sex life – OR if you’re single – attract the right partner for you! 

Stage 4: Reconnect

You will learn tools for reconnecting with your yoni, so that you’ll be able to start hearing your deep inner voice, and develop a deep inner knowing of what you want and what’s good for you

You will nurture and cultivate the most important relationship for your happiness as a woman – 

the relationship with your vagina! 

Stage 5: reclaim

You will come home – to yourself.

You will make a pact with your yoni,

and take a vow, 

so that you’ll be sure to start a fresh page in your sexuality and passion!

Super-Juicy bonuses!

When signing up to the “Sexual Healing” Workshop, you’ll receive some extra goodies:

Bonus 1: forgiveness & cutting energetic chords Meditation

If you’re stuck in an old situation from the past, or if you’re finding it hard to disconnect from someone,

this meditation will help you to cut the energetic chords that ae keeping you tied to this sitation/person.

Forgiveness and energetic chord-cutting are super-powerful, super-effective tools to cleanse the past and create the New in your life!

You will receive the meditation in mp3 format, to download to any device, listen & practice anywhere, at your own pace. 

(valued at $67) 

Bonus 2: “invite it all in” emotional freedom meditation

A meditation that will allow you to welcome in any emotion, thought or experience that you come across in your life,

so that you can process the emotion and move on, rather than get stuck in the emotion for ages.

Practicing this will allow you to keep moving forward toward your vision and create it with confidence every single day. much is it?!

For a limited time, you can get the full “Sexual Healing” Workshop

including all the bonuses for only 

$397 – $67

Yes, I’m serious! 

for the price of less than 1 visit to a psychologist,

you can join receive unlimited access to tools

that no amount of emotional therapy will ever provide. 


Why am I doing this? 

Because I want as many women as possible

to receive these tools.

I want to live in a society exploding

with radiant, sexually satisfied women

who are shining their light bright in the world!

So – Are you in??


I know what you’re thinking now…

Sounds great, Efrat…BUT: 

I'm too old, it's too late!

I've tried everything already - why should THIS work?!

It won't Work for me - I'm just not "Orgasmic"..!

I'm not sexy/attractive/wild enough / (insert limiting belief you have about yourself...)

I don't have time to practice

I don't have money for this, investing in my sexuality is a luxury I can't afford

This Early Bird Price will disappear in....


Days     Hours     Minutes     Seconds    

This offer has now expired.

Well. My anwer to that

(in the most elegant, tactful way I can put it) is: 




This Early Bird Price will disappear in....


Days     Hours     Minutes     Seconds    

This offer has now expired.

Change is always possible!


And if I did it after a decade of faking orgasms, total disconnection from my sexuality & pleasure, as a single mum with two tiny kids, living under violence in a foreign country with no friends or family support and no money, while being depressed and wanting to die every day – you can too!!! 





I have worked with students aged 19 to 72, in every relationship status, skin colour, sexual orientation and weird taste in music possible! 🙂



All that is needed from you, to create change 

is to make a DECISION – 

that your pleasure & passion are ESSENTIAL 

and that NOW is your time to start putting your passion & pleasure higher on the priority list – for the benefit of you and everyone around you! 


Don’t take my word for it –

here’s what some of my students are saying!

Questions that might still be nagging at ya’

Q. Will this work for me if i'm....(a virgin / never had an orgasm / old / young / insert limiting belief here)

A.  In one word – YES!  

In several words.. 

Q. How long is the workshop and how does it work?

A. Absolutely. Immediately after checkout.

Q. Do I need any tech-skills to join an online training?

A. Nope! It is easy AF

Q. I'm not into online stuff, do you run live workhops?

A. YES! This will definitely make your bum look smaller.

Q. How is this different from any othr personal development stuff i've done with little or no results??

A. Absolutely. Immediately after checkout.

Q. is there nuditiy in the training?

A. Nope 🙂

are you still here??


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This offer has now expired.