Jade Egg Basics

Summary and next steps

I want to acknowledge you for getting through the entire course, that is AMAZING and shows how much you are committed to discovering yourself and your sexuality in new ways.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this journey, I’ll be offering a more in-depth coaching program later in the year. Fill in your details below and my team and I will be in touch when it’s open for enrolment. We’ll have a chat and see whether it’s exactly what you need to take your pleasure, sexuality and vitality to the next level.

Lesson 1 : Feminine & Sexual Energy

  1. Grounding and Centring Exercise
  2. My Story: From Abused Woman to Living a Turned-On Life
  3. Secrets to Activating Your Life Force & Vitality
  4. The Heart-Yoni Connection – Explanation
  5. The Heart-Yoni Connection – Exercise

Lesson 2 : Feminine-Masculine Play and Pleasure

  1. Why Pleasure is ESSENTIAL and not a Luxury
  2. Feminine and Masculine Energy – Balancing Within You

Lesson 3 : The Jade Egg Practices

  1. Introducing – The Jade Egg
  2. How to Prepare your Egg for Use
  3. Warm Up Exercises
  4. How to Insert the Egg (Sipping) – Explanation
  5. Sipping – the Practice
  6. Beginner Practices
  7. Advanced Practices
  8. Q&A