Jade Egg Basics
Welcome to the Jade Egg Basics 
I’m really excited that you joined me on this fascinating journey to discover your sexuality and femininity
Watch the video below for an introduction to how to use the site and exercises

Here’s a few suggestions to make this course as awesome as possible for you:

Don’t believe anything I say. Always inquire into the materials from a space of curiosity, and see if it resonates for YOU. Feel free to adapt the practice to your own body’s needs, if you have certain limitations like knee problems etc. And always seek doctor’s advice if in doubt about a certain practice.

Be playful, curious and open-minded about these practices. Allow yourself to be surprised by what might come up, in  as non-judgment of an attitude as possible.

Move slow if needed. These videos will stay with you, so no rush.

After watching and implementing for the first time, I suggest to start incorporating the egg practices into your daily morning routine. Even 5-10 minutes of practice per day can make huge shifts.
You can play the video and follow along with me,  Or you might in time create your own routine of practices.

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Wishing you an incredible, beautiful journey into yourself…!

With love,
  • Grounding and Centring Exercise
  • My Story: From Abused Woman to Living a Turned-On Life
  • Secrets to Activating Your Life Force & Vitality
  • The Heart-Yoni Connection – Explanation
  • The Heart-Yoni Connection – Exercise
  • Why Pleasure is ESSENTIAL and not a Luxury
  • Feminine and Masculine Energy – Balancing Within You
  • Introducing – The Jade Egg
  • How to Prepare your Egg for Use
  • Warm Up Exercises
  • How to Insert the Egg (Sipping) – Explanation
  • Sipping – the Practice
  • Beginner Practices
  • Advanced Practices
  • Q&A