The Conscious Couples Formula

10-Week Online Course

Take Your Relating Skills to The Next Level – Build the Loving, Connected, Turned-On, Conscious Relationship you Deserve!

Here’s what you’ll Learn in This Powerful 10-Week Process

Relationship Success & Emotional Wellbeing: Learn – Practice – Grow!

5 Modules of Content through a Private Membership Site

Module 1 – Deep Self Discovery


    • Uncover your Subconscious Beliefs & Patterns that hold you back in your relating
    • Learn Power-Practices for Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind
    • Pattern Buster – Transforming Your Relating Patterns (this one is POWERFUL!)
    • Get clear on the Automatic Roles you fall into in your Relationships

    Module 2 – Authentic Heart Connecting


    • Dive into the Foundations of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
    • Learn new skills to Express Yourself with Confidence
    • Practice what it takes for Deep Listening & Empathy
    • Master holding a Safe Space for Each Other
    • Explore your ‘Shadows’ for Unbelievable Levels of Intimacy (this one is HOT!)
    • Become aware of how to deal with Emotional Triggers & Reactions

    Module 3 – Radical Gentle Forgiveness

    Shift from SHAME & GUILT to LOVE

      • Practice the 4 Power-Processes for Radical, Gentle forgiveness
      • Learn how you can exit The Shame Cycle
      • Explore Transforming the Inner Bully practices for Radical Self-Acceptance
      • Uncover Emotional Self-Healing practices for De-Stressing, Regulating and Processing Emotions

      Module 4 – Rebuild The Foundations

      Shift from SHAKY RIVALS to SOLID TEAM

      • Create new Agreements based on your New Awareness & Skills
      • Find the Higher Purpose of your Relationship
      • Learn the 5 Love Languages and the 5 Sexual Languages (I know you’ve been waiting for these!)
      • Devote to Each Other through The Conscious Couples Formula Devotional Ceremony 

        Module 5 – Power Toolbox For Lasting Change


          • Dive deep into the 6 Raving Rituals & Habits for a lasting, thriving relationship
          • Learn and impliment Radical Honesty Practices for Unshakable Connection 
          • Discover how to form a Conscious Couples Community

            Meet Efrat Wolfson

            Efrat is a Relationships and Sexuality Coach, a Conflict Transformation facilitator, and the Developer of The Conscious Couples Formula.

            Originally from Israel, Efrat supports couples worldwide to build loving, connected, turned-on relationships, using advanced tools & skills
            of Deep Self Discovery & Communication.

            She now lives in Australia with her gorgeous partner and 2 kids.

            Efrat’s expertise comes from a decade of working with conflict groups
            in Israel/Palestine, as well as her own personal journey
            with conflict, separation, leaving an abusive relationship
            and choosing to heal and re-pattern herself,
            so she could create a beautiful, connected and healthy relationship
            (with herself AND her partner).

            Efrat lives and breathes the stuff she teaches.
            This means you have a 100% No-Bullshit Guarantee laughing 

            Everything in this course is Tried-and-True, by Efrat in her own relationship AND by Efrat’s students and followers world-wide.

            What You Will Get:


            5 modules of Content - 30+ video trainings, through a private membership site


            Unlimited access to the entire course, so you can repeat and review anytime


            Downloadable PDF Worksheets and Exercises, this course is hands on!


            Plus, your exclusive bonus: How to Keep Healthy Boundaries 75-min Training

            You are Only 10 Weeks Away from Transforming your Relationship into one that is more loving, connected and turned on…

            YOU WILL CREATE:


            A healthier, happier, more secure relationship


            More love, connection, ease and flow in your life


            The ability to deal with conflict positively and find win-win solutions


            Healing and Re-Patterning past traumas for Inner Peace and Centredness


            A deeper connection with yourself and your ability to speak your truth with confidence


            Singles: Clarity on your own ‘stuff’ and gaining tools, so you can create a different relationship next time

            Watch & Implement FROM Anywhere, on Any Device

            Is This Course for You?

            This Course IS For:


            Couples Who Are Committed To Building a Healthy Relationship & Growing Together


            Couples Who Are Willing to Take Action and Create Change


            Couples Who Want to Take Responsibility and Become the Leaders of Their Lives


            People Who Are Willing to Invest in Themselves and Their Relationships


            One Person Out of a Couple Who is Totally Into All of the Above

            This Course is NOT For:


            People Who Only Want To Talk, but Not Act


            People Who Aren't Willing To Look Inside and Just Want to Blame Their Partner for Everything


            People Who are Not Willing to Invest in Themselves and their Relationship

            Thank You Efrat for the Most Amazing Couple Work

            Working with you has given me an authentic place to be in the relationship, and provided a safe space where the unspoken could be spoken. My partner and I could see where we were aligned and where not, which opened the door to dialogue.

            Keep up the good work and I recommend you wherever I go!

            Shane Wilson

            Ocean Shores, Australia

            I’m now aware of what really causes conflict and how to resolve it 

            The course helped me to identify what my partner is really needing and what I’m needing on a deeper level, and what is actually laying underneath the expectations and conflicts, so we are now able to bring about a more complete resolution.

            It helped me to have more compassion towards myself and my partner, by understanding our human needs and look beyond the conflicting behaviours that we would otherwise react to. These are amazing tools to be able to evolve your own heart & mind & way of communication, I definitely recommend it!

            Elias Johnson

            Entrepreneur & Youth Mentor, Byron Bay, Australia

            Efrat’s course was truly Life-Changing

            I developed more empathy and a deeper understanding with my partner and kids (and myself!). I react less, don’t take things personally, and listen to the feelings & needs of my partner. I know how to identify my own needs and state them clearly and confidently to my partner.

            Our communication has definitely improved and the effects of the course came very quickly too. Thanks Efrat!


            Self-Employed & a mum of 2, Gold Coast, Australia

            I’ve Finally Found My Voice

            Efrat, the tools I learnt from you have created such big shifts in my life! I’ve discovered how to allow all of my emotions and feelings to be valid and never ignore them when I’m communicating with others. I’ve managed to finally find my voice – speak up for myself & speak my truth to my partner.

            The Course helped me to stop reacting so quickly,  communicate better and consider what my partner is feeling and be curious about what’s going on for them. I feel so much more mindful and aware of my language and others’ and so much more loving towards myself as well! Can’t thank you enough..Love,

            Lisa Cattanach

            Mullumbimby, Australia

            “I learnt a lot of amazing tools on how to connect from a loving place and be able to articulate things that were challenging…the course helped me dissolve a lot of my victim structures..I highly recommend this course to anybody – it’s life changing and transformational!”
            Local Byron artist and speaker

            30-Day Money Back Guarantee

            Try the Conscious Couples Formula Online Course for 30 Days and if you’re not satisfied, email us for a full refund.

            Who is this Course for?

            People who really want to take action, learn and grow in their relating skills, so they can create an incredibly connected and turned-on relationship – for THEMSELVES, without being dependent on therapists, mediators, or waiting for their partner to change.

            I'm not a Tech Person..Is this for me?

            YES! You don’t need any tech skills to join this course. All you need is a device (laptop, PC, phone, tablet) and an internet connection. If you have any trouble at all, myself or a team member will help you out.

            Is there a Payment Plan?

            YES! You have 3 payment options, check them out in the box below.

            There’s a different plan for Couples and for Singles (this can also be 1 person out of a couple doing the course on their own).

            I don't have the money...

            Ok, let’s get honest for a moment here 🙂

            How much is it costing you to NOT learn this stuff? How much are you spending on counseling, or shopping, or devices that might distract you from the pain of having relationship difficulties? How much does divorce cost? This is a very small price to pay to finally learn the skills we’ve never been taught in school about the 1 thing that matters most in life – Relationships.

            What if my Partner is not into it?

            Great Question! You can totally go through this whole course on your own, and STILL create big shifts in your relationship. In fact, many of the people I’ve worked with have come to my course on their own. It only takes ONE person to shift the dynamics, for things to start moving…

            Will Efrat be Available for Questions?
            I will be answering questions via the comments section in the membership area, and you can also send me an email to receive more discreet support if you wish to remain anonymous.
            I Don't Have Time..!

            Lets get honest again, ok? How much time do you waste on pointless arguments and dumb fights? How much time & energy do you waste on resentment and bitterness or anger? It’s not true that you don’t have time – it’s just the way you SPEND your time that can change. This course will require about 2 hours per week from you, AND if you fall behind, that’s no prob at all – you can progress at your own pace, as everything will be recorded for you (including the coaching calls)

            Can we have 1:1 Counselling with Efrat?

            I don’t normally do 1:1 sessions, as I am not a couple therapist. My aim is to equip you with the tools and skills you need, so that YOU can do this relationship & conflict thing by yourself and get amazing long-lasting results that will affect other relationships in your life as well!

            However, if along the course you will feel the need for some extra support, I do offer that as a limited service to my students. Simply email me anytime along the course and I’ll see how I can support you.

            30-Day Money Back Guarantee

            Try the Conscious Couples Formula Online Course for 30 Days and if you’re not satisfied, email us for a full refund.