Special Training for women

How to know if you are in a mentally violent relationship

and how to deal with it

What is in the video

• “Checklist” to check if you are in an abusive / mentally violent relationship

• The effects of violence on you

• How to deal with the situation

• How to understand what are your patterns that attracted you to such a relationship in the first place, so that you can begin your release process

• My personal story of coming out of mental violence into a new and amazing life

Violence is not just about boxes and kicks.

Mental violence can manifest itself in humiliation, belittling, devaluation, systematic disregard for your needs, and many other “methods” to undermine your self-confidence and control you.

Mental violence can lead to a situation where you no longer know who you are and what you want, depression, anxiety, loss of joy of life, inability to make decisions without his approval and more and more.

As someone who has survived severe mental violence for more than a decade, and who has come out of it and managed to create an empowering and loving relationship and a life full of passion – I want to share with you some of the not-so-simple-but-fascinating journey I went through with this subject

This issue is really, really important

So many women do not realize at all that they are in a state of violence until many years pass!

(It took me over 3 years to realize that this is violence and many more years to get out of there …)

I therefore invite you to share and send this page to anyone you suspect may be under relationship violence.


I am a mother of two, an international facilitator, an environmental-social entrepreneur, a Conflict Transformation Facilitator, the developer of The Conscious Couples Formula, and a founder of the Shdemama Ecological Center.

Up until about three and a half years ago, I was struggling and depressed. I didn’t have a job or a place to live, and most of the time I wanted to die. Really.

Ever since I discovered this secret of female happiness, my inner fire is burning bright and I am turned on, spreading my light everywhere, loving helping hundreds of women live out their deepest inner truth, spreading their light out into the world in turn.