About Us

Every woman deserves a turned on life, full of passion, joy, ecstatic pleasure and fulfillment!

We are a team of turned on women, committed to helping you live a Life of Passion following your deep heart’s desire – starting right now!

The key to your happiness as a woman lies in your relationship with your … vagina! And with your uterus, ovaries and breasts… all your sexual organs 🙂

Happy Vagina = Happy Woman! We know this is true, it has been tested and proven on over 2600 of our happy students.

Any woman can experience ecstatic pleasure in and out of the bedroom, and live an orgasmic life full of passion, if she just chooses to invest in it and practice!

Healing sexual trauma also occurs through pleasure and not just by ‘going through the pain’

Every woman can free herself from sexual blocks and traumas – without depending on therapy forever

There is no such thing as “orgasmic woman” and “non-orgasmic woman” – there is only a woman who believes she is worthy of orgasmic pleasure, and a woman who believes this less (or not at all)

And that's where we come in..

We help women ignite their inner fire and expand their pleasure, passion and authentic self-expression in the world, using advanced, everyday and simple tools to deeply connect with your sexual and feminine energy.

Tools that you can practice and apply yourself, so that you can finally come home – to yourself. To your body.

Facts that are really important for you to know about me:

The number of beautiful kids I have

The number of years I faked orgasms

The number of women I have helped live a more turned on life

The average number of minutes each day I devote to pleasure and passion - not necessarily in a row!

The number of students who have participated in "Life in Passion" courses

The percentage of the time I do not go to the gym 🙂

Hi, I’m Efrat Wolfson, founder of Life of Passion

Like many women, there was a moment in my life when I felt I had reached rock bottom.

A moment when I asked myself, “How the hell did I get here??”

For me it happened at the age of 32, after I ran away from the house where I lived with my ex-husband, because of an episode of violence.

I found myself living in a tiny hut with no toilet or electricity in someone’s backyard.

I was jobless, stuck, broken and desperate.

I remember I sat on the floor of the hut while I was weeping bitterly. I felt like a complete failure – as a mother, as a woman and as a human.

Shortly afterwards I signed up for my first jade egg workshop and for the first time in my life I talked to my vagina :).

Although it sounds really corny, I’ve gotta say this – it was an experience that changed my life forever.

I connected to my inner Guidance and Knowing, and to a never-ending source of life energy and inner joy within me – my sexual and feminine energy!

Very quickly after I started practicing, I found a place to live, started my own business, and about a year later I also managed for the first time in my life to create a healthy, empowering and ‘turned-on’ relationship with my beloved man, Andrea.

From a depleted, sexually blocked woman who faked orgasms and barely enjoyed sex, I have become a turned on, vital woman who regularly experiences pleasure and orgasmic bliss – with myself and my partner!

It’s not that everything in my life is perfect, and every day I skip out of bed like Heidi – absolutely not!

My life is still super-messy and full of challenges like the rest of us, but today I have the tools even within the chaos – to come home to my body, and love myself.

Being someone who has to tell the whole world about everything I love, and to make sure everyyyyyyone is doing it … I started spreading the word about the Jade Egg,

Today I am one of the Certified Ambassadors of  Dr. Saida Desilets – one of the leading authorities in the world on the Jade Egg practice.

The more I practiced and taught about living a turned on life, the more my work spread like wildfire! It was obvious to me that women really need this stuff!!

Before very long, my courses were filling up so fast and I was receiving WAY more inquiries than I could handle by myself.

That’s how The Passion Team was born! We’ve built a team of incredible, passionate women, who have also gone through their own journey with a turned on life, so they are Embodied Leaders who  are ready to support you to make the Passion-Shift too!

Meet the Passion team

Sagit Shem Tov

Mother to Almog and Adva. Mind-Body Balance practitioner, intuitive healer and  supporter of growth and awareness processes. facilitator of women’s circles, and a senior coach in the Life in Passion Team.

Sagit chooses to live in awareness, pleasure, love and freedom, regardless of external circustances. We call her the Big-Mamma of this team.


Yaeli Grinberg

Yaeli Grinberg

A wild woman who is in love with the experience of being a woman. Yaeli has a passion for the world of drama and theatre and its connection to the worlds of therapy, spirituality and personal development.

These days and with the great support of Efrat’s teachings, she connects the two worlds as a psychodrama student. Believes in dogs, in the kindness of people and in the freedom to dance whenever the hell you feel like it.



Annabel lev Teler

Mother of Mayim and Emma, partner to Yair.

Living in passion and devotion to the processes of healing and connection, assists women to connect with themselves, with their bodies and with their authentic path in the world.

Arvigo therapist (massage for strengthening uterine health), Senior Coach on the ‘Life of Passion’ team

Loves to feel her body and mind free, flexible and strong through pleasure, yoga, dance, meditation, in partnership and motherhood.

Carmit Feldman

Extremely gifted graphic designer and a writer who has not yet been published, loves to think and solve problems, believes in connectivity, and knows that we are all connected to each other, and that we are part of something bigger

Carmit is referred to by Efrat as the ‘Aesthetics Police’ because she makes sure that the things Efrat prepares for you do not look like an Aesthetic-Disaster-from-the-80s, and also makes sure that you always have easy access to our content.